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COVID Propaganda – The South African Variant

Bloomberg and various news outlets recently reported that a South African laboratory study warned a new strain of the Covid-19 virus “could” emerge and “could cause worse illness than the current predominant omicron strain.”

This story is not so much a cautionary tale against a pending pathogenic event as it is an illustration of an extensive propaganda apparatus that seeks to keep the public in a constant state of hysteria for the express purpose of enriching powerful entities.

The reader is forewarned that this version of the C19 virus in South Africa “could” – “might” – “may” be worse than the original omicron.

You can never be too certain of the lurking dangers in the ever-shifting landscape of Virus Mania I suppose.

The headline reads, “Next Covid-19 Strain May be More Dangerous, Lab Study Shows”, telling us all once again and always- be afraid- be very afraid.

Omitted from this narrative is the fact that the initial incarnation of omicron was deemed, by the South African Health Minister, to be of little concern.