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COVID Reset: The Day of Reckoning Is Coming

As noted in an October 10, 2022, GB News article by British presenter Mark Dolan, we have a long list of challenges facing us at the moment. There’s the global economic crisis, the European energy crisis, runaway inflation and the threat of escalating war, just to name a few.

But on top of all of that, there’s the “COVID industry,” to use Dolan’s term, which is not about to let go of the pandemic anytime soon. And, why would they? After all, it’s the justification for the global biosecurity state; the perfect excuse to usher in biological surveillance, digital identities, The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (i.e., transhumanism).

Calls for Renewed COVID Measures Are a ‘Sick Joke’

So, as we head into fall and winter, the COVID industry is ramping up for another round of freedom-robbing countermeasures. In the U.K., the BBC has already kicked off the fearmongering, making a big ado about a supposed rise in COVID “cases.”