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Crowd Cow's Digital Butcher Case Expands Beyond Beef to Introduce Sustainably Raised Pork Products

Crowd Cow, the Seattle-based startup that set out to change the way people think about, order and consume beef, is now setting its sights on sustainable pork, promising a new line of meats to online customers across the United States.

Beginning May 2, Crowd Cow will deliver pasture-sourced pork products, allowing customers to select the exact cuts they want from pigs raised on farms in ways that are not only better for the animals and the land, but for the health of those consuming the meat.

Founded in 2015 by startup veterans Joe Heitzeberg (Madrona Venture Group) and Ethan Lowry (Urbanspoon), Crowd Cow expanded last summer from limited Northwest and West Coast delivery zones to a national operation. The company made a quick name for itself by crowd-sourcing whole cows, delivering the sustainably raised meat once an animal was “tipped” by enough interested buyers.

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