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Cyber Attack Spikes Report of Collusion Between Scientists, Industry to Cover up Toxins and Disease

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ITHACA, N.Y., Aug. 12, 2013 -- The key event in the history of human genetic science was to be nurtured with financial and political support from the tobacco industry. Between 1960 and 1998 the tobacco industry furnished around 1,000 British and U.S. genetic researchers with an estimated 370 million research dollars. The industry aim was to grow human genetics into the cornerstone of a scientific tobacco PR strategy to portray lung cancer as originating in genetic weakness and not cigarettes.

An investigation just published shows that this PR strategy has since then grown into a much broader collusion between scientists, industry, and governments to downplay and ignore the environmental and social origins of human diseases. Thus funding for genetics and genomics has expanded from lung cancer to examining common physical diseases into current epidemics of mental health disorders, and even social inequality.

The investigation is by the Bioscience Resource Project, a public interest science non-profit and publisher of Independent Science News. "Governments and industry discovered they had a common interest in disguising the failures of public policies and the harms of commercial products," says author Jonathan Latham, Ph.D. "Genetics has become the go-to science of polluters and governments disinclined to address politically challenging social and environmental issues."

"Consistently, we find weak scientific evidence for genetic influences is seized upon while strong evidence for environmental influences is disregarded," says Allison Wilson, Ph.D., Science Director of the Bioscience Resource Project. "No matter how much evidence accumulates against genetic explanations for a disease or disorder, the funding stream seems only to grow."  
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