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Dandelion Debate in Colorado

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Blair, who lives in a rough-hewn log cabin with a solar-paneled roof on the north side of County Road 205, has been pushing Durango city officials for chemical- and pesticide-free parks since 2007. Sallee, who lives on the south side of the road in a neat stucco house surrounded by a moat of lush green grass, owns Scott's Pro Lawn Service, which has held the $15,583 contract to spray the city's parks since about 1996.

Each has their own view of what defines a healthy park, be it the level of weed-proliferation or the nutrient level in the soil. But this time of year, both are exhausted by what appears to be a losing battle.

The wonder weed

On Monday afternoon, Sallee was spotted spraying the grass along Camino del Rio, and on Tuesday, he sprayed Greenmount Cemetery - apparently, even the dead don't like dandelions.

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