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Day 9 – “Cide” Means Kill

The mood today is overwhelmingly somber.

Media cameras pack the halls and there is a line in front of the courtroom to claim media passes. Any extra seats are given out in a lottery to members of the public. Today is the much anticipated testimony of Plaintiff Dewayne Lee Johnson.

I feel tacky even writing about the tragedy that has so personally struck this sweet family. However, it is important for anyone interested in using RoundUp, or those who have fought to protect the use of RoundUp, to understand that the implications can be devastating beyond measure. I believe that I even saw Monsanto counsel looking extremely grim. I wonder again what that legal team really believes in their deepest soul.


Araceli Johnson smiles shyly and nervously at the jury as she takes her seat in the witness box at the front of the courtroom.

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