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Dean Switch on Organic Milk Cartons Hailed by Scientist It Cited

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The scientist at the center of a dispute over the content of advertising of Dean Foods Co. (DF)'s Horizon fortified organic milk said she's satisfied by the company's confirmation that it expects to stop referring to her work on the product's cartons.

"I'm pleased that they're not going to be citing our reference," Penny Kris-Etherton, a professor of nutrition at Penn State University, said on July 25.

Cartons of Horizon organic milk fortified with the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA feature a picture of a young girl to illustrate the heart, eye and brain benefits of the additive and include a footnote to a paper by Kris-Etherton about sources of DHA in the American diet.

The use of the reference was "inaccurate. It's really a marketing strategy to sell more of their milk," said Kris- Etherton, who demanded the removal of the citation through the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which published the paper.

The reference to the paper "will likely be removed" when packaging is changed in 2013, Sara Loveday, a Dallas-based spokeswoman for WhiteWave Foods Co., a unit of Dean that controls the Horizon brand, said in a July 24 e-mail. 

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