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Death to the Metaverse!

We are increasingly being forced to spend our lives in a virtual reality.

Global power has used Covid to get us all used to online work, to QR codes, to the need for a digital identity in order to access state services and our bank accounts.

This process, aimed at locking us down in a panopticon of constant surveillance and total control, is set to rapidly accelerate in the years to come if we don’t manage to stop it.

We are being pushed towards a Chinese-style social credit system, where everything that we consume and do in life is measured, calculated and evaluated by the authorities, with conformity rewarded and dissidence punished.

This totalitarian nightmare is already being rolled out in Europe with the digital identity wallet championed by European Commission president Ursula Von der Leyen.

The Italian cities of Rome and Bologna are launching a “smart citizen wallet“, based on the supermarket loyalty card model.