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Del Bigtree Fights for Freedom

Del Bigtree, a famous television producer, is one of the greatest crusaders for medical freedom in the world today. Dr. Ron Paul is a big fan. Del become famous for his appearances on the Dr.Phil program and was often a popular guest on TV programs. He is still much in demand as a speaker, but when he started to speak about Covid vaccination tyranny, the Left-dominated mass media turned against him. It became even worse when he extended his campaign to other vaccines as well. Here is an example of what he, and we, are up against. If you Google his name, you will get five pages of negative material about him. If you want something positive, you will have to google “ICAN Foundation” and then you will get his own site. You will get a lot of negative sites as well. This is Left media “fairness” in action. There are things Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know.