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Sign the Proxy Asking Major Retailers to Offer Genuine Organic Choices 

Top retailers like Whole Foods Markets, Costco, Target, Safeway, Walmart, and Kroger must be convinced to provide choices in their grocery aisles for authentic, nutrient-dense organic food grown in rich, carefully stewarded soil.

If the nutrients are not in our soil, they are not in our food …. and they are not in our families! Factory farm meat, dairy and egg production, and fruits and vegetables grown without soil rich in humus result in inferior flavor and nutrition.

Increasingly, grocery aisles are filled with faux organics brought to consumers by corporations that are selling out the true meaning of organics.  Help us pressure and convince the CEOs at the major grocery chains to:

• Implement clear signage identifying fruits and vegetables produced with hydroponic (soil-less) practices, so that consumers can differentiate them from nutrient-dense organic produce grown with careful soil stewardship and healthy ecosystems. Like GMOs, consumers have the right to know!

• Adopt sourcing policies from brands that procure organic milk and dairy products from family farmers that provide cows with ample pasture and humane treatment. Demand real organic farms — not factory farms!

• Create plans to change sourcing for the retailer’s store brand eggs to suppliers that allow hens real outdoor access to pasture, as federal organic law requires. Demand real organic farms — not factory farms!

Some retailers have already taken these steps and deserve our patronage.  We need the largest retailers of organic food in the country to stand with organic farmers and consumers for the integrity of organic food and agriculture – or risk losing our shopping dollars.

Sign and return the proxy letter today to the CEOs of Whole Foods Market, Costco, Target, Safeway, Walmart, and Kroger.  We will deliver the letters to them as a key part of this pressure campaign.

We need the stores we shop at to quit trying to sell us fake organic food from inhumane livestock factories, masquerading as organic, orhydroponic vegetables fertilized with conventional soybeans and grown in ground up coconut waste … or even ground up recycled plastic!

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