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Denmark Launches 'Most Ambitious' Organic Plan

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The government has set a goal of doubling the amount of organic farming by 2020.

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is behind a new strategy to double organic farming and serve more organic food in the nation's public institutions.

 The Danish government on Friday announced plans to make the country more organic.
The government announced a 67-point plan, Økologiplan Danmark, that focuses heavily on a more organic public sector.
“In order to achieve our goals, which are the most ambitious in the West, the public sector needs to lead the way. With Økologiplan Danmark, we will strengthen cooperation between municipalities, regions and ministries with a long line of new initiatives. We will commit ourselves to, among other things, have more organic items on the menu in canteens, hospitals and daycare institutions,” Food and Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen said.

 According to Jørgensen, the nation’s public institutions serve some 800,000 meals every single day.
Among the action plans are steps aimed at hitting the government’s goal of doubling the amount of land dedicated to organic farming by 2020 compared to 2007.
“We must speed up the conversion to organic farming if we are to hit the goal of doubling the area by 2020. The government will therefore strengthen both development and conversion and will work with alternative ownership and operation models,” the government’s plan reads.
Although the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries is behind the plan, other ministries have also pledged to do their part.
The Defence Ministry, for example, has committed to increasing the amount of organic food served at its bases.

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