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A Nuclear Nightmare Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has introduced S.4064 – International Nuclear Energy Act of 2022Designed to spread American nuclear technology internationally and end prohibition on foreign ownership of nuclear in the US.  According to an analysis by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service(NIRS), Manchin’s bill would:

Create fast-track procedures for deemed civil nuclear exports for countries defined by the Secretary of Energy.

Expand the Export-Import Bank program on Transformational Exports to include civil nuclear facilities and related goods.

Create the U.S. Nuclear Fuels Security Initiative to reduce and eventually eliminate reliance on Chinese and Russian nuclear fuels.

The proposed legislation – like the campaign to keep Diablo Canyon operating, California’s last nuke standing up and running past its design life – is part of a current concerted push to resuscitate a moribund industry that should be allowed to die before it kills us.