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Discuss: Highlights of Davos

The World Economic Forum’s annual week-long summit comes to a close today. You wouldn’t know that if you read the mainstream papers, who have buried it underneath coverage of Ukraine.

But for those of us who were paying attention, it’s been a busy five days in Davos. Let’s take a look at some of the key talks setting the agenda for the coming year.


Tuesday saw an epic double-whammy with the New York Times opinion editor Kathleen Kingsbury hosting “Disrupting Distrust” and former-CNN editor Brian Stelter chairing “The Clear and Present Danger of Disinformation”.

Very much two sides of the same coin there. Essentially, “how to make people believe us” and “censoring people who disagree with us”

The Distrust panel is 45 minutes of the worst kind of corporate buzzwording you will ever hear. A chore to get through, but there’s definitely an unspoken fear – “How do we stop people turning on us as the economy collapses?”