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Does the GMO Labeling Win Signal the End of Obfuscation?

The recent federal court ruling on the legality of the 2018 GMO labeling laws confirmed the obvious: a checkerboard square that shoppers can’t read is not an adequate GMO disclosure. That was the small but significant win for Natural Grocers and other plaintiffs resulting from the lawsuit filed by the Center for Food Safety in 2019.

The rest of the ruling simply restated what the biotech juggernaut has spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying Congress and regulators for since the 1970s: the Right to Obfuscate. In sum, they don’t want shoppers to be able to know if the packaged food on the shelf in front of them was created with fracked natural gas, synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, toxic persistent pesticides, and proprietary genetics that has resulted in the decline of rural economic vitality, opportunity, and justice.

We do of course still have the Organic seal (at least for now) and the Non-GMO Project’s butterfly.