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Dow: The Other Monsanto

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If Monsanto, the biggest toxic herbicide maker on the planet had an evil twin, it would be Dow Chemical. These two companies are like Bonnie & Clyde, without the charming disposition. Their aim? To poison the planet with wartime relics made from napalm and Agent Orange chemicals, and to destroy the way farmers have grown food since before 10,000 B.C. While Monsanto is the deranged big brother of all things biotech, Dow is also a menace worth nipping in the bud as soon as possible.

Dow chemical has an arsenal of wartime atrocities. Sure, Monsanto created their own dirty dozen, including Saccharin, PCBs, polystyrene, DDT, and the atom bomb, but Dow is equally infamous for its undesirable contributions to society. Dow Chemical produced Dursban (an organophosphate widely used in pesticides), and Agent Orange, and they now own the company that was responsible for the Bhopal chemical spill, Union Carbide Corporation.

Dow's latest contribution to the world is a genetically engineered chemical called 'Enlist' apropos considering the corporation has deep military industrial complex ties. Just as Monsanto promised that their 2,4-D, Round Up Ready chemicals would make life for farmers easier by killing unwanted weeds, but instead gave them super weeds and super bugs, Dow's Enlist will likely do the same. The contamination of human beings - with diseases like Chronic b-cell Leukemia, Ischemic Heart Disease, or Prostate Cancer were not enough for these companies. Now they will contaminate entire swaths of US acreage with chemicals that stay in our systems for decades after they are finally, if ever, banned.  
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