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Dr. Mercola Interviews OCA's Ronnie Cummins: The Fight For GMO Labeling In California

The largest opportunity to give people the right to know if their food is genetically engineered will occur with the California ballot initiative - officially known as Proposition 37. Your support before the November 6 vote can make all the difference between winning and losing.

The California ballot initiative will require labeling of genetically engineered foods, and end the routine industry practice of labeling and marketing such foods as "natural."

In the interview above, Cummins expands and gives an important update on the status of this extremely important initiative, and the upcoming vote.

Encouraging News from California

     "The ballot initiative to label genetically engineered food - or now the official Proposition 37 - is quickly gathering momentum," Cummins explains. "Earlier this year in May, we turned in a million signatures of California registered voters, which enabled us to get on the ballot. We've raised approximately four million dollars so far in cash and hard pledges from organizations and businesses. We are getting very good coverage in the press, both the alternative media (online social media) and the corporate media."

     The industry is worried; they're starting to pour in more and more money. They haven't yet started their advertising campaign, but we're expecting this TV and radio ad barrage to begin any day now.

      They're starting to panic. They're doing everything they can at the federal level, but the bottom line is that the lobbyists and the large agribusinesses and biotech's' special interest, they don't really have much control over the voters in California. Come November 06, people are going to go into that voting booth. If six or seven million of them vote 'Yes' on Prop 37, this will become a law not only in California, but across the entire United States."

According to Cummins, Canada is watching this issue closely, and if California passes this law for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food, it looks like Canada will do so as well.
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