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Dr. Michelle Perro on Healing Kids via the Gut Microbiome

During the past several decades, I have observed rapid escalation in rates of chronic disease in my patients, as well as a host of neurocognitive and neurobehavioral disorders among the children I care for. My search for reasons why kept pointing to something different in the diet. I am now persuaded that near-daily exposures to glyphosate might be one of the factors undermining the health of children.

I honed in on the gut-brain axis and how microbiota in our gut helps modulate children’s health, and particularly neurologic health. The microbiota, now classified by some as an organ, is home to bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea (now sometimes referred to as the ‘holobiome’).

Since Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) first received a patent for glyphosate as an ‘antibiotic’ in 2010, the presumptive thinking was that the microbiome imbalance, or dysbiosis, now presenting in the gut of many children was in part caused by the antimicrobial effects of glyphosate-‘enriched’ diets.