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Drought Tolerant Crops - Organic, Not Monsanto or Dupont's GMO's

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Last year chemical ag behemoth Monsanto trumpeted the yield possibilities of a drought-tolerant, genetically engineered corn variety. And DuPont recently touted drought-tolerant crops as the next “big thing” in the good fight to feed the world. According to DuPont’s press materials they feel the “productivity…must be accompanied by an intense and innovative effort to enhance the environmental imprint of farming to be sustainable.”

Good news DuPont and Monsanto: Organic production is the answer you’ve been looking for!

The Rodale Institute Farming Systems Trial has been tracking the performance of organically managed fields and conventionally managed fields for the last 30 years. The yield results dispute the oft-cited misconception that organic farming uses more resources to produce less food. And, the resilience of the organically-managed fields in drought years is incredible.

In four out of five drought years the organic corn significantly out-yielded conventional. By how much? Well, Monsanto heralded the field trial success of their drought tolerant corn last year as “one of our most significant R&D milestones” with yields between 6.7% and 13.4% higher than other corn varieties under drought conditions.

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