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Due to Threatened Legal Action by the Agency of Agriculture Rural Vermont Suspends Raw-Dairy Process

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Rural Vermont regrets to inform the public that under pressure from the Agency of Agriculture Rural Vermont is temporally suspending Rural Vermont's very popular Raw Dairy Processing Classes. Rural Vermont has been holding these popular classes since the enacting of Act 62, "The Raw Milk Bill" in 2009. Not wanting to place farmers at risk, Rural Vermont has put the classes on hold while pursuing discussions with the Agency of Agriculture.

The suspension of the classes came as a result of Rural Vermont obtaining a Notice of Warning from the Agency of Agriculture in which the Agency alleges that by teaching consumers how to make butter, yogurt, cheese, and other products at home, Rural Vermont and the farmer hosts are in violation of Vermont law. The warning centers around the Agency's interpretation of the 2009 Raw Milk Law, in which they claim that it is illegal for farmers to knowingly sell raw milk to customers who plan to do anything with their milk besides drink it. The raw dairy processing classes are an important part of Rural Vermont's campaign to educate consumers on raw milk and to gain exposure for farmers trying to sell raw milk directly to the community. The warning threatened legal action to Rural Vermont and our farmers. Not wanting to put our farmer members at risk, Rural Vermont has temporarily suspended the classes until we have solid understanding of the Agency's official policy. 

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