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Duo Say Organic Farming Can Boost Rural Jobs, Environment and Health

Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle believe there’s a way to revive Montana’s struggling rural economies, preserve good soil and save lives at the same time: organic, sustainable farming of nutritious foods.

It involves removing the costs of inputs like fertilizer and pesticides sold by multinational corporations, and boosting profit margins by selling organic foods that are in high demand and low supply.

The duo say Montana farmers can break with the agricultural-industrial complex, hire more workers and find financial success. And by providing more whole grains free from chemical pesticides, they believe they can help alleviate the nation’s obesity and chronic disease epidemic. Additionally, organic farming practices conserve soil for future generations, leave nearby waters less polluted, and sequester carbon in this era of fossil fuel-driven climate change.

“I believe this is the future,” Quinn explained. “Organic, regenerative agriculture is sustainable. The chemical system is an artificial system propped up by large government inputs and sacrifices by farmers taking low prices for their crops. It causes high costs to the planet, the decline of small towns and the decline of health.”

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