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Durbin Bill Signals End of High-Dose Supplements

Powerful forces, including Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Bill Gates, and the National Academies, are working to bring about supplement bans. We must stop them. Action Alert!

Relative to the rest of the world, the US consumer has access to a wide range of supplements at a variety of dosage levels. This includes higher doses which are often used by integrative doctors to regenerate our health. That could all change if Sen. Durbin’s newly-introduced mandatory product listing bill for supplements gets enacted by Congress. History has shown that Sen. Durbin’s end game is to target high-dose supplements because he tried to do this in previous versions of this bill. This is in line with supplement bans being devised in the European Union, which is setting draconian restrictions on the maximum level of nutrients supplements can deliver. We must act now to avert this disaster.

An analysis of a previous iteration of Sen. Durbin’s bill in 2013 is telling. It had two sections. The first was similar to his current bill, mandating that supplement companies register all of their products with the FDA, submitting a description of each product, a list of ingredients, and a copy of the label. But the second section called on the Department of Health and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) to create a list of supplement ingredients that could cause “potentially serious adverse events.”