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"Eat the Ice Cream": No, Dear Transhumanist Swindlers, I'll Pass

Transhumanist visionaries do not deserve our fear.

This is a quick post, done more or less on the go (so please forgive its raw character). I was not planning on sending anything today but then this arrived in my mailbox, and here we go.

So this is an actual ice cream commercial (yes I checked, it is an actual commercial, not a spoof).

It is one of the creepiest commercials I have personally seen, matched perhaps only by the “I am transhumanist” bit from BBC (quoted below) and Bill Gates’ really strange and dark video presentation about mosquitos that I am not going to link to out of principle because that video about mosquitos has a straight out serial killer vibe and I am going to pass. It is creepy as hell.

The crazy ice cream commercial shows two things, to my immediate senses. One, it is of course is an indicator of the current state of the genre of “commercials,” where the script writers somehow thought this would fly and … sell product??? In the past, such things existed only as art projects screaming about the really horrible and inhumane condition of the world ( see “Corporate Cannibal” by Grace Jones).Doing this as a food commercial is bananas. I certainly am now resolved to not buy this ice cream. Yikes!!