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Eat More Oysters. It's Good for the Environment.

Those tasty bivalves we can't get enough of are also great for filtering pollutants out of the water, but there's a balance that comes with building more oyster farms

Captain Chris Ludford puts his table right in the water. I’m using the word “table” loosely here—it’s a bunch of metal oyster cages stacked on top of each other, with a stained piece of wood on top. His guests stand around this table, wearing fisherman waders and rubber boots while Ludford shucks them oysters, one after the other, each pulled from the Lynnhaven River in eastern Virginia, the same water they’re all standing in. This is the culminating event of Ludford’s Pleasure House Oysters farm tour, where guests spend an afternoon learning about the history of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay and see firsthand how he grows them in cages in the brackish waters. But eating these oysters, shucked by the man who grows them himself, is easily the highlight of the tour.

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