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Cook Organic not the Planet Campaign

Eating at Fast Food Restaurants May Lead to Food Poisoning

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If you value your health, you would be wise to avoid fast food restaurants at all costs.

Not only does the fast food diet promote high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes; such foods are also laden with added chemicals, and virtually all animal based food comes from factory farms.

The latter issue is highlighted in a recent announcement that McDonald's and Target will no longer purchase their eggs from Sparboe Farms.

The egg producer was recently 'outed' by an ABC News "20/20" investigation into potentially unhealthy conditions at their egg-laying facilities.

The company has been cited for at least 13 violations of rules meant to prevent dangerous salmonella outbreaks.

I've previously discussed the many sad realities inherent with confined animal feeding operations (CAFO's).

Lack of sanitation is a pervasive problem, and food borne illnesses such as salmonella are primarily restricted to such operations. 

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