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This Election “Is a Farce”...Was COVID Origins a Hidden Winning Campaign Issue?

I recently posted on Facebook and Twitter a photo of my ballot from Tuesday on which I wrote in bright marker: “This is a Farce”. One reader asked why I didn’t vote for the Green Party candidate.

Here’s why:

Back in September, I bumped into Nancy Wallace, who was running for Green Party candidate for governor of Maryland.

She pitched me on writing pieces she wanted to get published. I heard her out and then told her about my work on pandemic origins.

She would tell me that she was “5,000% on board with the questioning” of Covid origins but that “I don't want the campaign to touch the pandemic origin issue.”

She would write me: “It's hard enough getting basic legitimacy with the voters when they can't see any mention of us in the press, major yard signs, etc. There are much more immediate, important, local and global issues such as criminal justice reform, climate change, marijuana legalization approaches (there are several variations) that matter to the voters.”