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Endgame Ukraine; Putin’s Battleplan

This incisive and carefully researched article by Mike Whitney analyzes the shift in Russia’s military agenda.

Until recently, Russia had largely targeted  Ukraine’s military and strategic infrastructure (Air Force, Navy, Ground Forces).  The shift in Moscow’s strategy now consists in targeting Ukraine’s civilian energy, transport, and communications infrastructure which has resulted in devastating social consequences for the people of Ukraine. 

“The widespread power outages are accompanied by freezing temperatures that will inevitably lead to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Millions of Ukrainians will be forced to flee across the border seeking refuge in Europe.”

While placing the blame on US-NATO’s geopolitical ambitions and Washington’s refusal to engage in dialogue and peace negotiations, the Kremlin nonetheless bears a deep-seated responsibility in this turn of events. According to Mike Whitney: 

“The objective of the Russian operation is to undermine Ukraine’s ability to wage war. The attacks on Ukraine’s power-grid, railway hubs, fuel deports, bridges and command-and-control centers are merely Phase 1 of a 2-phase operation that is designed to defeat the enemy and bring the war to swift end.”