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Energy Medicine, the New Paradigm to Displace the Medical Establishment

During the past several decades, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is shaping rapidly into a new medical paradigm to displace our now failing and defunct Science Based Medical (SBM) model, which supports the ultra-orthodox and conservative drug-based theory started with the Rockefeller-funded Flexner report in the early 20th century. Among the many non-conventional therapies available, the science emerging in energy medicine or "biofield" therapies, and its partner energy psychology, is proving to be the greatest challenge to Skeptical medical materialism. Underpinning the biomolecular properties of human anatomy and biology, energy medicine seeks scientific explanations for the cause and treatment of disease that occur at an atomic level. Briefly, energy medicine is "the application of extremely low level signals to the body, including energy healer interventions and bioelectromagnetic device-based therapies."[1] Therefore energy medicine shares more common ground with concepts derived from electromagnetic science and quantum physics, which govern the underlying physical laws of matter, including the anatomy and biology of our bodies and the essence of life.

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