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Environmentalists Gather For Annual Meeting


Environmentalists Gather For Annual Meeting


Wildlife, climate change and safe drinking water are on the agenda this weekend at the state’s largest annual environmental summit.

Meg Kerr, the director of policy at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island, is one of the organizers of the Land and Water Conservation Summit. The summit is expected to draw more than 300 people representing land trusts, watershed organizations and conservation commissions.

“When we first started the summit the cross pollination between those groups was limited," said Kerr. "And we’ve really increased the conversations among grassroots organizations and sharing [ideas] amongst them.”

Kerr said the daylong conference is an opportunity to exchange ideas about how to protect the state’s most vulnerable resources.

“Probably the biggest land and water issue that Rhode Island faces is the issue of climate change and what’s it’s doing to impact our water supplies, and changing habitats and impact on birds,” she said.

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