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EPA Gets Smacked by Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is not pleased with how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been conducting cancer assessments for pesticides, declaring this week that the agency has failed to properly do its job. (A finding that many of you readers may not see as news.)

In a July 20 report, the OIG cited a number of problems with how the EPA evaluated the cancer risk of the soil fumigant 1,3-Dichloropropene, (1,3-D). Among other problems, the EPA did not adhere to standard operating procedures and federal requirements in doing the assessment, the OIG found.

“These departures from established standards during the cancer assessment for 1,3-D undermine the EPA’s credibility, as well as public confidence in and the transparency of the Agency’s scientific approaches, in its efforts to prevent unreasonable impacts on human health,” the OIG said of the EPA.

1,3-D is one of the top three soil fumigants used in the United States.