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Establish the Office of Climate Mobilization

We Are the Majority

"They've given us a mandate for action on covid, the economy, on climate change, on systemic racism." - President-Elect Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump with the highest youth turnout ever. Now, Joe Biden must assemble a powerful governing team to stop the climate crisis, create millions of good-paying jobs, address systemic racism, and control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Biden has a choice to make: Does he want to be the leader of the American majority, or does he want to be Mitch McConnell's Vice President?

A Time To Heal

We can unite our nation by solving the crises we have in common: COVID-19, climate change, systemic racism and an economic recession.

Joe Biden must command the federal government with fierce urgency and bold creativity. Our next President must establish new executive offices, with expansive power to respond to crises faster than Mitch McConnell.

This is Biden’s FDR moment.

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