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Everything is Organic at This Burger Chain. Even the Pickles

Nic’s opened two years ago in the Chicago area and is thriving. But sometimes the chain must scramble to find organic ingredients.

Seattle entrepreneur Neal Zeavy was casting about for a new business a few years ago and hit on a novel idea: an organic burger chain.

Nic’s opened in the Chicago suburb of Rolling Meadows in 2017, serving up a classic fast-food menu of burgers, fries, chicken nuggets and soft-serve ice cream. Everything is organic: the pickles, seasonings, even the ranch sauce. If the grub isn’t healthy exactly, it appeals to diners keen to feed their families food guaranteed toxin-free by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“We’re not going to claim that you’re going to lose weight eating cheeseburgers and French fries even if they’re all organic,” Zeavy says. “It’s mostly knowing that you're not eating all the other crap.” Business has been sufficiently robust for him and his partner to open two more locations, with a fourth scheduled to go live this year in Evanston, Illinois.

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