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Exposed: Federal Funding for GMO Salmon?

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Why are our tax dollars going to subsidize the creation of Frankenfish? It's bad enough the government has totally failed to do any kind of regulation for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including blocking attempts to at least mandate labeling for these artificial and barely-tested foods.

But why on earth should taxpayers have to subsidize the hugely-profitable companies that are developing them?

Food and Water Watch, a national consumer group, on October 3 revealed that a corporation that has launched a for-profit venture to raise genetically engineered salmon has received $1.95 million in federal research grants at taxpayer expense.

The relevation followed on the heels of an article in Grist that exposed how AquaBounty Technology recently received $494,000 to study technologies that would render the genetically engineered salmon sterile. "This would reduce the likelihood they could reproduce with wild salmon, should any escape into the wild - a scenario that has many environmentalists concerned," according to the piece by Clare Leschin-Hoar on September 29.