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Exposing Monsanto's Junk Science "Experts'

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1. Expert reaction to GM maize causing tumours in rats: Prof Maurice Moloney
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NOTE: The UK's Science Media Centre was originally set up in the wake of the Pusztai affair to try to ensure more sympathetic media coverage for GM, among other issues.

The UK media's largely muted coverage of the Seralini research, which found increased tumour rates, mortality, and liver and kidney pathology in rats fed GM maize NK603 and/or Roundup herbicide, shows the extent to which the SMC and a similar organisation, Sense About Science, have succeeded in damaging balanced and investigative reporting on technology-related issues in the UK.

Both bodies take some of their funding from the corporations whose products they defend. In the SMC's case this has included Monsanto, among other biotech interests.

The SMC uses the infamous "third-party" PR technique, in which views are given authority by being placed in the mouths of seemingly independent experts. Such people tend to be trusted more by the public and the media. But why some journalists can't do a little basic research into these experts' backgrounds as well as the truth or otherwise of what they are saying, is baffling.