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In the Eye of the Storm

Sometime earlier this year (2022) the fearporn seemed to start to wane. Mandates started to relax, masks started to disappear, “social distancing” decals started to come up off floors in supermarkets and drug stores. Occasionally you might have even seen a waiter or waitress maskless in the more liberated restaurants. The storm was lifting. Or was it?

Anyone who has followed my writing knows at that time I was not joining the celebration parties many other people were throwing in their exuberance that we had won the great war. So many believed the efforts to kill the giant hydra of the mainstream agenda had been successful. All the hydra’s heads, or nearly all of them, had been hacked off.

I never believed this, as many of you out there never bought into it fully either. This is a common tactic in a psy-operation, and I have written about it quite often.