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'Face' of Agriculture Increasingly Female, Small Farm, Organic

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In case you missed it, there's a new organization (started in April) called Mississippi Women for Agriculture. Its a "professional association for women interested in giving voice to agriculture."

It's based on Annie's Project, an educational program "dedicated to strengthening the roles of women in the modern farm enterprise."

The story of Annie's Project is an interesting one, and perhaps helpful to women in Mississippi, too. It's based on the life of a farm woman in Illinois.

According to the organization, Annie grew up in a small town and had a goal to marry a farmer. She spent a lifetime learning how to be an involved business partner, and faced the challenges of three generations living under one roof, low profitability, changing farm enterprises and raising a family. Her daughter, Ruth Hambleton, founded Annie's Project out of needs she observed in farm women she knew.

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