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Factory Farmers Are Hiding the Truth About Swine CAFOs

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    A ridiculous video from the Pork Producers Council attempts to explain why factory pig farming is a wonderful thing. 

 They say they put up "modern" barns to protect animals from harsh weather, illness and predators   which when translated to reality means the pigs never get to see the light of day, are packed in so tightly, living in their own feces, that illness runs rampant, and as for predators, well, the farm workers themselves are often caught in acts of abuse.

 The idyllic cartoon farm pictured in the video above is a far cry from the typical confined animal feeding operation (CAFO), which can house tens of thousands of animals (and in the case of chickens, 100,000) under one roof, in nightmarish, unsanitary, disease-ridden conditions.

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