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Fairfield, CT Mom Spearheads Legal "Food Fight"

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Analiese Paik doesn't mince words. She's sharp, driven and extremely well-informed on issues of food, nutrition and the governmental regulation of such things. The Fairfield resident is a former Wall Street executive, a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and mother of two. She is an experienced organic gardener and a longtime advocate for healthier school food programs.

She is also the founder, editor and formidable force behind The Fairfield Green Food Guide, an award-winning website she describes as "dedicated to providing Fairfield County consumers with resources, breaking news and events that support their efforts to eat more local, organic and sustainably grown food." Spend an hour with Paik and you'll understand that she is as comfortable in a boardroom as she is in the garden. And that this is the secret behind her success.

"The thing about The Fairfield Green Food Guide," says Paik, "Is that we don't condescend. We'll meet you wherever you are. Whether you're just coming to the idea of organic eating or you're looking to start your first garden, searching for a comprehensive list of area farmers' markets, or you're ready to start changing government policy, there's something there for you. We're one hundred percent attitude-free," she smiles.

Most recently, Paik has taken her food fight to the state capital and beyond. In her crosshairs at present are GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and how they have infiltrated the American food supply in ways she argues are disingenuous at best. In fact, when it comes to the subject of GMOs, it is fair to say the topic gives her acute indigestion, philosophically speaking.

"People say that I have 'fire in the belly' when it comes to this stuff," says Paik. "That's what it takes to affect change. The truth about what is being done to our food in this country is so awful it can make you want to close your ears. But this is too important not to pay attention."
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