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Farm Bill Cuts Food Stamps Without Saving Money

Leave it to Congress to take food away from 2 million poor people and somehow save no money in the process.

The House farm bill failed on Friday after Freedom Caucus members withheld their votes in the hope of getting immigration legislation to the floor. But assuming this farm bill gets revived, it would completely revamp the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (commonly known as food stamps). In many ways, the legislation -- which, in a break with tradition, was written entirely by Republicans -- contains objectives shared by people on both sides of the aisle. These include helping low-income people find more stable work and encouraging noncustodial parents to contribute financially to their kids’ upbringing.

However noble such goals are, though, the actual consequence of the bill would be a gigantic, expensive new government bureaucracy -- one that eats up nearly all the “savings” from kicking people off food stamps, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates.

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