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Farm Workers (UFW) Call for Boycott of all Charles Krug and C.K. Mondavi Wine

Dear Friend,

I thought you might be interested in this United Farm Workers e-activism campaign.

Fired Charles Krug-Mondavi workers are calling for a nationwide boycott of all Charles Krug and C.K. Mondavi wine labels. The contract between the United Farm Workers and Charles Krug-Mondavi expired and the company has refused to return to the bargaining table to re-negotiate an agreement.

A delegation of fired Krug Mondavi farm workers will turn in a hard copy of these Krug-Mondavi boycott petitions on Tuesday, November 21--right before Thanksgiving. Please help farm workers reach their goal of 10,000 signatures.

In July of this year, all vineyard workers from the Krug-Mondavi winery were fired just after the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board told the winery it was filing a formal complaint against it. The ALRB complaint alleges Krug-Mondavi has no right to refuse to bargain with its vineyard workers over renewing their United Farm Workers contract.

Krug-Mondavi doesn't care about its employees and doesn't seem to be worried about what the law says, either. It had no legal or moral right to fire these workers?many of whom had worked for the company for decades. Now, workers with children and families to support are unjustly out of a job.

Please help the workers get their jobs back. Join the UFW's nationwide boycott of all Charles Krug and C.K. Mondavi wine labels. To take action go to: