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Farmers Want GM Wheat, Consumers Don't

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Despite interest on the part of farmers who would like to grow genetically modified wheat, it appears unlikely that such a product will be seen on the market any time soon. The problem: consumers don't want it.

According to a recent survey from the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG), more than three quarters of the nation's wheat growers hope that GM wheat strains might offer greater tolerance to severe cold and drought, and greater overall productivity.

The NAWG survey was undertaken to demonstrate to technology providers that the industry is ready to go GMO. NAWG CEO Daren Coppock called the response "strong" and "very positive."

However, Syngenta, the company that has taken the lead in researching GM wheat is "not actively pursuing it in the face of the fact that the biotechnology we have today is still facing consumer resistance," according to the company's CEO.

Monsanto shelved its Roundup Ready wheat five years ago due to negative market reaction.