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Fauci, Fraud

It's fitting that Fauci's last news conference at the White House should end with him being shielded by White House flack Karine Jean-Pierre from Diana Glebova's simple question: "Dr. Fauci, what did you do to personally investigate the origins of Covid?"

Glebova, reporter for the Daily Caller, asked the question three times and the reply was a "You’re being disrespectful." Jean-Pierre shut up other reporters who tried to follow up. 

In fact, a case can be made that Glebova was all too respectful. 

It's not simply that Fauci didn't do anything positive regarding Covid origins. 

The evidence is that he did all in his substantial power to cover up the very real possibility of lab origin — at the very minimum. Further, he has long championed dangerous lab work, facilitated and funded it — and rebuked other scientists when they objected. Moreover, Fauci controls the purse strings for many scientists — so they feel obvious pressure to cater to his designs if they want to continue getting funding.