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FDA Officially Approves Banned GMO Chinese Rice for Export to the States

Banned Chinese GMO rice approved to be sold in the U.S.

Genetically modified rice produced in China has been approved to be exported to the U.S, even though China have not approved it to be sold in their own country.

The rice has been developed by a team at the Huazhong Agricultural University, but strong opposition to the crops in China has meant that it has been unable to be sold.

But this hasn’t stopped it from being approved to be exported and sold by the FDA in the U.S, thanks to the close relationship the FDA have with China and other exporters of cheap, substandard food that meets the needs of the high-consumption of the American food market.

GMO crops are dubious on terms of health, many people do their best to steer clear from them and prefer to buy organic food that was grown in the ground and not created in a lab.

The rice product, known as Huahui was developed by Lin Yongjun and his team. He told the Global Times that the product had not been approved to be sold in his own country because of public opposition.

He said:

“the country has not conducted regional trials nor provided guidelines to examine genetically engineered rice.”

But Lin’s University received an email from the FDA on January 11th stating that they had approved the rice in the U.S.