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Federal Judge Confirms Obama Admin Approval of Monsanto GM Alfalfa

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Huge props to Jennifer Grayson, of Huffington Post and her own site, for following stories like these so assiduously.

First the news (my emphasis):

  A federal judge has upheld the government's decision to let the nation's alfalfa growers plant the genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant strain manufactured by Monsanto Co., saying the alleged risk of contaminating other crops does not require regulators to impose buffer zones. ...

 The action was challenged by a group of alfalfa farmers who said they feared that the Monsanto product, spread by winds and bees, would pollinate their crops and take over their fields. Thursday, however, U.S. District Judge Samuel Conti of San Francisco said the USDA had acted within its authority.

 Federal law does not require the department to "account for the effects of cross-pollination on other commercial crops" in assessing the risks posed by a new crop, Conti said.

I can't speak about the law, but I know that one of two things (at least) is true. Either the judge is narrowly right, in which case Monsanto purchased that law (sorry, lobbied with many million units of their "free speech" for it) - a bought law, in other words.

Or, the judge found a way. (I'll forgo characterization; he could be a sincere revolutionary and not just a guy giving a hat-tip to Thank You Street.)

As I say, one of those two things is likely true.