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Care What You Wear

Finally, Stylish and Body-Friendly Organic Cotton Clothing That Won't Break Your Wallet

Right now there’s a good chance you’re wearing at least one clothing item made from cotton – regular, non-organic cotton.

And last night you likely slept on cotton or cotton blend sheets, and after this morning’s shower, dried yourself off with a cotton towel. You might even have used cotton balls or swabs getting yourself ready for the day.

If so, you may be surprised to learn that you exposed yourself to potentially dangerous pesticides, herbicides, harsh dyes and other toxic chemicals. Yes, even if the item wasn’t brand new and had been laundered.

You also supported the GMO industry...

That’s right. Every time you purchase anything made with non-organic cotton, you’re contributing to the coffers of some of the most irresponsible and untrustworthy corporations on the planet.

I know what you may be thinking... You'd love to buy organic clothing, underwear, and socks but just can’t afford the luxury. And much of what is available doesn’t suit your taste.

These are valid points. Organic cotton clothing can be pricey. And some of it isn’t very stylish.

I recently started to wear more organic cotton clothing, simply because I recognize the potential dangers with conventional cotton.

And I wanted to stop funding the evil companies placing profit ahead of human and environmental health!

Now I’ve taken the next step... I’ve found a way to help you get your hands on clothing that you can feel good about wearing, like how it looks – and can afford.

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