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FoodLab Detroit Is Helping Create a Food System by and for People of Color

A new project in the Motor City is developing a model of equitable, sustainable, cooperative, community-driven food production.

It’s pretty clear that those who have the most control over Detroit’s food system—its local growers, non-local growers, suppliers, producers, grocery store owners, distributors, restaurateurs, food writers, chefs, and so on—are mostly white.

That’s despite that the city’s population is nearly 90 percent people of color.

So it’s worth asking: How would things look if the food system centered around people of color and other marginalized groups instead of white people? A new project called the Dream Cafe and Community Food Hub spearheaded by FoodLab Detroit and Allied Media Conference (AMC) is not just imagining that, but developing a model of “food production and service that is truly equitable, sustainable, cooperative, and community driven.”

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