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Forest Activists Call for an End to Deforestation & a Ban on GE Trees

Forest Activists call for ArborGen to get out of Southern US, Brazil, Chile... press photos available on request +1.802.578.6980


Charleston, South Carolina (US)--This morning, the Charleston front of the South to South solidarity campaign went to the Double Tree Hotel to continue this weeks protest around the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). They used guerrilla theater to call for a halt of deforestation and expose the social impacts in Chile, Brazil and the US South caused by timber plantations. The campaign also demands a global ban on the new threat of genetically engineered (GE) trees.

"Short term profits at the expense of future generations of all species is not acceptable" declared Mother Earth, to the crowd of scientists and corporate executives.  People dressed as a GE tree, an ArborGen CEO, and forest critters, showed the dangers of GE trees, while a hazmat team secured the contaminated area.

The industry conference was organized by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations and co-sponsored by Summerville, SC-based ArborGen.  ArborGen leads the world in research into genetically engineered trees and the IUFRO will be organizing another similar conference next week in Chile.

ArborGen works in both in the US South and in Brazil.  Massive tree plantations in Chile and Brazil have forced both the Mapuche of Chile and the Guarani and Tupinikum of Brazil off of their land. Plantations decimate  huge areas of forest, cause sickness in nearby villages and increase global warming.  Using genetically engineered trees will only worsen these impacts.

"We are in an ecological crises now! Climate change is here and deforestation is a massive contributor to this rolling catastrophe," said Jean Wald.  "It's too late to tinker with bogus solutions. Plantation forestry is a serious problem and GE trees will make it that much worse.  Add the social consequences of plantations and there is no more justification for them."

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