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The Forever Chemicals

In these early summer months on the Dandelion Spring Farm in Bowdoinham, Maine, the winter squash is already in the ground, and the tomato plants with their first flowers are showing promise. By July 4th, we’ve sown the seeds of our independence with all our carrots, beets and rutabagas that will feed us through the winter, both nutritionally and financially, planted in the ground. By early September, we begin the process of pulling the last of the tomatoes from the unheated greenhouses to establish the winter crop of sweeter-than-you-can-imagine spinach, delicate lettuce heads and stored sunlight.

Maine might be known for its rugged coastline and long winters, but agriculture continues to be integral to our economy and rural way of life.

Here on Dandelion Spring Farm, we’re part of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and grow certified organic vegetables and herbs on unceded Wabanaki land.