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Cook Organic not the Planet Campaign

Fracking: To Save the Climate, the Gas Must Remain Buried

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The fracking industry has a blind spot the size of an elephant, Biff Vernon wrote in this Open Letter to Mark Abbott, the MD of Egdon Resources - climate change, and the huge rises in sea level it will cause. 'Only carrying out orders' is no excuse.

Thank you for coming to Donington-on-Bain Village Hall in Lincolnshire on 21st May 2014 to present your plans for oil exploration at Biscathorpe in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

And thank you for having the patience to listen to me politely for over half an hour while I told you to change your job. I found it an interesting conversation.

You and I both started our careers as geologists. You became a successful businessman and I a campaigner against the exploitation of fossil carbon. We have some common ground but we are operating in different paradigms.

You came to our community to assure us that you operated in a well-regulated industry, acting at all times within the law, in accordance with UK government policy, and that you took your responsibilities towards protection of the local environment seriously.        

You think you can manage your planned operations in such a way as to produce little nuisance for local residents and with little risk to the natural environment including the world-wide rare habitat of a chalk-stream.