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Fishless Fish? Impossible Foods Is Developing Fake Seafood for Vegetarians

The plant-based company hopes to offer a replacement for every animal-based food by 2035.

Impossible Foods is cooking up something sure to make even more of a splash than their Impossible Burger: a fish product totally free of fish.

The California company known for whipping up patties made entirely of plants has set its sights on doing the same for seafood, according to the New York Times.

“The only way we can succeed is to make fish from plants that is more delicious than the fish that’s strip mined from the ocean,” chief executive Pat Brown told the publication.

The Times reports that Impossible has been working on developing alternatives to fish and other seafood through plant-based recipes or by growing cells in laboratories. To recreate the seafood flavor, Brown said the company uses heme, a protein also seen in their meat formula.

The heme is made by fermenting a genetically engineered yeast and injecting it with DNA from soy plants, according to the Impossible website.

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