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Is Gene-Splicing an Obsolete Technology?

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Guardian Unlimited - UK

Gene splicing has been made obsolete by a cutting-edge technology that
greatly accelerates classical plant breeding

By: Jeremy Rifkin
Thursday October 26, 2006
The Guardian (UK)

For years, the life-science companies - Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer,
Pioneer etc - have argued that genetically modified food is the next
great scientific revolution in agriculture, and the only efficient and
cheap way to feed a growing population in a shrinking world...

Now, in an ironic twist, new cutting-edge technologies have made gene
splicing and transgenic crops obsolete and a serious impediment to
scientific progress. The new frontier is called genomics and the new
agricultural technology is called marker-assisted selection (MAS). The
new technology offers a sophisticated method to greatly accelerate
classical breeding. A growing number of scientists believe MAS - which
is already being introduced into the market - will eventually replace GM
food. Moreover, environmental organisations that oppose GM crops are
guardedly supportive of MAS technology...

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